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Strategic Plan Approved by Board of Trustees (April 25, 2019)

Dear Colleagues,

I write to share with you a summary of our annual spring Board of Trustees meeting, which took place on campus and concluded on Friday, April 26. My thanks to our faculty colleagues who participated in the various committee meetings.

During the Board meeting, the trustees engaged in a two-hour discussion about the University’s Strategic Plan, carefully reviewing and discussing the draft plan that the faculty endorsed on April 16. Following those conversations, the trustees voted unanimously to approve the plan without modifications.

I want to express again my gratitude to all of those who dedicated a significant amount of time and energy to the strategic planning process. As I look back at our early iterations of the plan in comparison to what has now been endorsed by the faculty and approved by the Board, it’s quite impressive to see how it evolved and strengthened throughout the past year. That’s a testament to the deep engagement from so many faculty, staff and students, including those who challenged the University to be bolder and even more aspirational. I look forward to our continued collective efforts as we develop the processes by which we will execute the plan.

My best,


Excerpted from May 7 Spring Board of Trustees Meeting Summary

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